Full arch replacement

Implant-supported dentures

Dental implants allow complete and rapid replacement of missing teeth, and thus uncomfortable removable dentures that use adhesive to adhere to the gums can be simply forgotten. Treatment of toothlessness with an implant denture involves two main stages. First, implants are surgically placed into both the upper and lower jaws. Then, a denture is placed and affixed to them. The denture can be either removable or permanent. The choice is made by both the patient and the dentist during a consultation before the implant surgery.

Permanent implant-supported denture

A permanent implant denture is a non-removable dental prosthesis that provides full comfort of use. It requires at least 4 implants in the lower jaw and at least 6 implants in the upper jaw. They are surgically placed by the dentist. Following this, the implants are screwed into place and the healing process can begin. For this period of time, the patient receives a temporary restoration to use during the healing process. Once the implants have bonded to the jawbone, a permanent denture will be placed and affixed to the implants.

Removable implant-supported denture

A removable implant denture is an excellent tooth replacement solution to the traditional denture. Because it is more stable, there is no need to use any adhesives to seat it in place. Also, it will not become displaced nor change shape. In this case, at least two dental implants in the lower jaw and/or at least 4 implants in the upper jaw need to be surgically placed by the dentist. This kind of denture can be removed by patients themselves, which facilitates its cleaning and oral hygiene in general.

Advantages of implant-supported dentures:

  • It is the best solution to restore both functionality and aesthetics of natural dentition;
  • Dental implants will maintain the density and volume of jaw bones and will help to maintain a natural and youthful look of your face’s shape;
  • Implant dentures will not impede your speech, as it may be the case with traditional dentures;
  • A denture affixed to stable bone-fused implants will allow you to eat any type of food;
  • Maintenance of oral hygiene is as easy and simple as in patients with their own, natural dentition; and
  • Implant-fixed dentures are very resistant, and thus can last even for decades.