Dental implants like natural teeth

Dental implantology is based on the principle that the systems of dental treatment should follow and imitate nature, and thus adopt its solutions. Therefore, implants not only replace the function of natural teeth, but also preserve their aesthetics.

In DUDA CLINIC, we use crowns which resemble natural teeth. We provide the finest and most advanced prosthetic solutions, and guarantee the best possible result. Before designing a crown, technicians make an impression of the patient’s tooth to ensure a perfect size, shape and colour match.

For teeth placed in the most visible part of the patient’s mouth, we utilize full ceramic crowns made from high quality porcelain to obtain the best aesthetic effect. This material, like natural teeth, is partially translucent and offers a large range of colours to match the shade of the patient’s surrounding teeth. For out-of-sight molars, metal ceramic crowns are usually used. This type of material is very robust and can better withstand biting and chewing forces.

The picture shows dr. Mariusz Duda with a dental implant juxtaposed next to a 20 grosz coin.