Dental implants

Implantology is one of the most dynamically developing sub-specialties in dental sciences. In the last twenty years, it has brought a major break-through in dentistry and helped hundreds of thousands of patients. Nowadays, many dental problems, including toothless jaws, can be treated in a highly aesthetic, efficient and permanent way.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth gap, multiple tooth gaps or restore completely toothless jaws.

Both dental implant and crown procedures can be completed in a single visit with DUDA CLINIC! Full in-office pre-surgical diagnostics can also be provided.

Dental implants are often confused with replacement teeth. In fact, an implant is a titanium artificial tooth root, measuring over ten millimeters, which is surgically anchored into the jaw. It is a tooth-root replacement to which an implant crown is attached – the only visible part in the mouth.

The main advantage of dental implants over the other dental restoration techniques is that they mimic natural teeth and can fully take over the role and function of missing teeth. On top of that, advanced prosthetic technologies allow the construction of crowns that resemble natural teeth.

Dental implants are made from titanium - a metal that is known to be compatible with human body. Also, it minimises the risk of subsequent allergic reactions or implant rejection. Implants are additionally coated with a thin film containing a special substance that enhances peri-implant bone formation and eventually allows permanent implant fixation within the jawbone. It becomes a very stable and long-lasting base  for the crown that is later affixed to the implant. Moreover, this bone formation process is also beneficial as it prevents bone loss that occurs after tooth loss. Also, it prevents further possible complications, such as shifting teeth and/or altered jaw and facial structures.

Most dental implants do not require hospitalisation and can be placed in-office under local anaesthesia in a single visit. The level of invasiveness is comparable to the tooth removal procedure. In DUDA CLINIC, we have been placing dental implants for many years. Thus, single implant placement may take as short as 15 minutes in our Clinic.