Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants can provide the most natural-looking foundation for your replacement teeth. Their appearance, comfort and function are comparable to your natural teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants improve mastication and make eating more comfortable.
  • Since implants are placed deep in the jaw, this creates a stability which allows for the safe mastication of harder foods.
  • The stability of implants diminishes the discomfort observed when using less stable, removable dentures.
  • Implant-supported crowns and dentures reduce the risk of speech defects or lisping, which is sometimes caused by removable dentures.
  • Both dental implants and their crowns are hard to differentiate from natural teeth and thus can guarantee an excellent aesthetic result. The restored natural beauty of your smile will certainly enhance your self-confidence.
  • Implants prevent bone resorption that may cause face collapses and altered jaw and facial structures. Therefore, dental implant placement is crucial for patients who dream of a youthful, wrinkle-free face with facial structures remaining intact.