Mission and vision

DUDA CLINIC was established for patients who desire to have beautiful teeth. Our goal is to provide patients with the highest quality dental treatment in the shortest time possible while simultaneously ensuring maximum comfort. The key to our success lies in the team of highly competent and recognized specialists working for DUDA CLINIC for over 10 years now. They can successfully manage the most challenging and complex clinical conditions. We employ an interdisciplinary approach that allows us to offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from dental implantology and aesthetic dentistry to prosthetics. We also provide advanced surgical and endodontic procedures, as well as non-invasive treatment.

We aim at providing our patients with the highest level of safety and comfort. DUDA CLINIC is equipped with the latest advanced medical technologies available in Europe, used for both diagnosis and treatment. In addition, we utilize only the highest quality materials. Due to the continuously developing implantology techniques, we can offer an innovative treatment method called “same-day tooth replacement with a surgical guide”, which combines implant and denture placement as a same-day procedure.