Prosthetics allows the restoration of missing or damaged teeth. This is achieved through a variety of processes including inlay, onlay and/or the construction of crowns or bridges. We use up-to-date procedures and provide high quality prosthetics to bring back your beautiful smile.

Prosthetic reconstructions can be permanent, removable or combined. Combined prosthetics consist of permanent structures with removable fixtures that require regular follow up visits to service the snaps, bolts, latches or telescopic crowns.

Removable reconstructions include acrylic, nylon and metal frame dentures. Permanent reconstructions include ceramic fixtures, such as crowns and bridges. These consist of porcelain fixtures attached to either a metal or non-metal frame. Non-metal frames are more aesthetic.

Inlay, onlay

In cases of significant tooth decay or dental trauma which have significantly impacted a tooth’s hard tissue, DUDA CLINIC recommends using inlays or onlays, suitable for molar and pre-molar teeth. Inlays ...

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A crown is a permanent prosthetic used in cases of significant tooth damage when a standard composite filling is not sufficient to restore its functionality. In cases of damaged teeth, a porcelain crown ...

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Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are one of the most popular dental reconstructions. They are used to replace damaged parts of natural teeth. In implant treatment, they are used to restore tooth crowns. ...

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Porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns

Porcelain crowns fused to a precious metal base framework are very similar to crowns on metal base framework. The core of the crown is made from a gold alloy to which the porcelain overlay is fused, imitating ...

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Full ceramic crowns

Full ceramic crowns are a response to the growing aesthetic demands of patients. The advantage of ceramic crowns fused to metal frames is durability. However, the drawback of metal frames is that they ...

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Bridges are permanent, non-removable prosthetic reconstructions which allow the restoration of up to three adjacent teeth. The prosthetic reconstruction rests on the patient’s own teeth or is supported ...

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Removable dentures

When a single tooth is missing, or in case of toothlessness, traditional removable dentures are a good alternative. Dentures will not fully replace the functionality of natural teeth like implants, but ...

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