Inhalation sedation (laughing gas)

Sedation dentistry options are perfect for patients, both adults and children, with dental phobia and who find dental treatment particularly stressful. Their role is to eliminate anxiety and fear in patients undergoing dental treatment. Inhalation sedation uses a combination of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) that is inhaled through a nasal hood or cannula. As a result, the patient can fall into a pleasant state of relaxation without being fully detached from the environment. Children should be accompanied by parents when inhalation sedation is being administered. Their presence allows them to feel both safe and comfortable. Inhalation sedation should supplement, rather than replace, traditional forms of anaesthesia to provide a higher level of comfort during various treatment procedures.

Recommendations on sedation:

  • Do not drive for 30 minutes following inhalation sedation.
  • Do not eat for 2-3 hours before the treatment procedure.
  • Do not drink alcohol on treatment day.
  • Children must be accompanied by parents.
  • Pregnant women should inform the dentist about their condition and consult their gynaecologist prior to the procedure.