Tooth discoloration can have many causes. It can occur as a result of an abnormal process of development. Also, it can be caused by tetracycline antibiotic treatment during childhood. Some people have genetically darker enamel colour. Over time, discoloration can naturally take place as a result of drinking tea, coffee, juice or using tobacco. Sometimes older or incorrectly  placed dental fillings or damage to the dental pulp may also influence the colour of the teeth.

Special bleaching agents, when used correctly, remove most discolorations safely and efficiently. They usually come in the form of gels that release chemically active substances for several hours daily. This causes discoloration to disappear and restores teeth to a nice, whiter colour. Tooth structure remains intact and the result satisfies 90 to 95 percent of patients. Prosthetic reconstructions and dental fillings remain unchanged during the whitening process. Once the new white colour reaches a certain level of stability (approximately two weeks), the dentist  can then alter the colour of the restorations, adjusting their shade to the colour of the teeth.

Safe teeth whitening

DUDA CLINIC offers patients several different whitening alternatives. Each patient is treated on an individual basis, with the dentist proposing the safest and most suitable treatment to achieve the best ...

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Home whitening using an overlay

One of the whitening methods offered by DUDA CLINIC is an overnight whitening procedure using a customised overlay. First, the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth. Then, our technic ...

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The “white diet”

After the whitening process, it is very important to observe the “white diet” for at least 72 hours. The general rule is: any substance that can stain white clothing, can stain your newly whitened ...

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Teeth whitening activated with ZOOM 2 light technology

Whitening with Zoom 2 technology is always performed in the dental office. The treatment begins with a short preparation. Gums and lips are carefully protected from a special, light activated, whitening ...

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